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SoCal Pet Con friends and attendees -

We are going to ask you to listen to a recording. It is long, but we ask you humor us. This is the least professional post we have ever had to write, but under the circumstances, we do not have much choice.

This is a conversation held with National Orange Show venue yesterday:

Here is the link to the audio – https://clyp.it/5rmrglnd

Now that you have heard that, we have one more. It is only a minute long.

Here is that link – https://clyp.it/4tamguej

So as it stands, the SoCal event has been cancelled, and every attempt we have made to contact the “CEO” mentioned in the phone call has been futile. They do not appear, as a state owned venue, to have a CEO, but whoever is in charge, we cannot reach them.

This has been a trying time for us, for our vendors and our sponsors.

As you can hear, the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, who unlawfully cancelled our event last week, contacted and somehow influenced the National Orange Show to cancel our event, and make it impossible to meet their, as you heard, rapidly changing deadlines. Their "small" bank is Pacific West, and as you heard in the second audio file, none of what they stated is true.

We apologize for the inconvenience and if you are a ticket holder, your tickets will be refunded via TicketLeap.

Please call our office with any questions at 1-800-977-3609.

If you are vendor that we have not spoken to or emailed with today, please visit www.SanDiegoPetCon.com/facts

We are not going to let this go, and we will find a new venue and a rescheduled date will be announced as soon as we have it.

We apologize again for this trip to the Twilight Zone. We truly wish it were indeed just a bad dream.


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Build Your Mailing List


Rescue/Non-Profit Tips


Build Your Mailing List


 Creative Selling


Do's and Don'ts

Please note: The following suggestions are a collection of real life examples that past exhibitors have found successful. Exhibitors have asked for donations using the ideas below to increase donations desire. We hope this information helps! If you would like to share methods that you have used at one of our shows please email us type in the subject line "Collecting Prospects".

  1. Create a raffle for items, such as:
    • A luxury Gift Basket
    • A Gift card to a popular retailer (Try not to give a gift card to your business)
    • A Gift card to local eatery
    • An attractive collection of pet products for various pets, including cats and birds.
    • A Gift card for pet services such as a grooming, boarding, training, etc.
  2.  Put a large and very visible gift basket on display with a professional sign that says "Register to win. Winner will be selected at 5:30pm."
  3. Always offer to e-mail any attendee purchase receipts and then take advantage of the opportunity and ask them if you could be added to your mailing list.
  4. Take time to network with other exhibitors, rescues and sponsors. Synergy works!
  5. Host more than one raffle throughout the day to win free products or services.
  6. Display a clipboard with sign-up sheet to receive more information or learn about specials, sales, etc. throughout the year.
  7. Offer attendees 10% off their first purchase, or some other discounts or coupons, if they sign up for your mailing list--both e-mail and physical mail.
  8. After the event, offer those who provide you with contact information incentive to 'refer a friend.' For 5 referred friends, the attendee receives a coupon, discount, free item with purchase, etc.  
  9. If you feel like you have a good list but you would like to have a larger list please contact your account representative for more information!

Download The PDF Version!


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